What are the Long Lasting Effects of Pregnancy

The matter of teenage pregnancy is often considered to be very serious. Many teens are not prepared for having a baby. Sometimes, various alternatives have to be sought for having a baby. These include abortion and adoption. Some precautions are taken by girls. These include condoms and birth control for prevention of pregnancy. However, sometimes, there is still a percentage of girls who will get pregnant in their teens. It is their decision for having and keeping the baby. The effects of teenage pregnancy are long lasting and can be very intense.

1 – Physical effects >

Teenage girls may sometimes be completely be unprepared for the physical toll that is caused by pregnancy on her body. As there is expansion of the uterus and development of the baby, the hormones of the baby will change. Havoc will be created with her moods. Thus, this proves to cause a lot of difficulty for young women who are already facing emotional turmoil. Thus, the lifestyle also has to be changed for getting more sleep. A woman will not be able to participate at all in some extracurricular activities and sports. This is because there are physical changes in her body. Her diet should also be changed. Vitamins and nutrients should be included in her diet. This is considered to be very healthy for her.

2 – Emotional effects

There are many emotional effects of teenage pregnancy as well. sometimes, the pregnant teens tend to get very panicked and scared. There may a confusion as to what decision is the best for the mother and the child. Sometimes, the father of the child resents and at times there is fear of giving birth. Thus, a great deal of stress may be caused to her. This will be in combination of the changes in the body and hormones. This will result in a very unhealthy and erratic emotional state. There may also be a frustration that she will not be able to participate much in the activities with her friends. She will always remain very frightened that she will get a bad reaction from her parents.

3 – Long lasting effects

The rate of graduation for pregnant teenagers is very low. Young girls who are pregnant are not at all able to attend schools because of emotional and physical changes. Schools are left out due to embarrassment as well. some education is finished later by some girls. Some of them pursue a higher education.

Thus, one must keep in mind the effects of teenage pregnancy.

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