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The issue of teenage is often considered to be very serious. Many teens are not prepared for having a baby. Sometimes, various alternatives have to be sought for having a baby. These include and . Some precautions are taken by girls. These include condoms and birth control for prevention of . However, sometimes, there is still a percentage of girls who will get pregnant in their teens. It is their decision for having and keeping the baby. The of are often very difficult for the young woman. She may have to drop out of school and her future prospects may be diminished. The child may also have a hard time growing up without a and without a stable family life.

1 – Physical effects >

Some teenage girls may not be physically prepared for the toll that pregnancy can take on their bodies. The expanding uterus and developing baby can cause hormonal changes that wreak havoc on a pregnant woman’s mood. This can be especially difficult for young women who are already facing emotional turmoil. Their will also have to change to get more . Some women may not be able to participate in extracurricular activities at all during their pregnancy.

2 – Emotional effects

There are many emotional effects of teenage pregnancy. Pregnant teen mothers may feel panicked and scared, unsure of what the decision is for themselves and their child. The father of the child may resent the situation and this can cause a great deal of stress for the teenage . These emotions are compounded by the changes in the mother’s and hormone levels, resulting in an unhealthy and erratic emotional state.

3 – Long lasting effects

The rate of graduation for pregnant teenagers is very low. According to a study done in 2006, only 50% of pregnant teens graduated from high school. Pregnant women experience emotional and physical changes that may cause embarrassment. Some girls do manage to finish their education later on, either through online courses or by going back to school after they have given birth. However, pursuing a higher education is often not an option for these young mothers.

Teenage pregnancy can have many negative effects on the teenage mother, the father, and the child. Some of these effects include:

– The teenage mother may have difficulty finishing high school and obtaining a job.

– The father may have to take on more responsibility than he is ready for.

– The child may have problems or be born prematurely.

– The child may also have developmental or behavioral problems.

Thus, it is important to be aware of the potential risks and consequences of teenage pregnancy.

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