Why Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream Is Right For You

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Expecting a baby is an extremely meaningful time in any woman’s life. Even though pregnancy can be uncomfortable and stressful, the end result makes you forget all the suffering. Unfortunately there are reminders and those reminders are called stretch marks. Some woman don’t develop any, some only have a few and other woman have them everywhere. Stretch marks are not pretty and can make a woman feel less comfortable in her own skin. There are ways to get your body ready for the elastic requirements of pregnancy and to treat it after you have given birth. Using a good pregnancy stretch mark cream correctly and regularly can really help you get your body looking the way you want it to.

Stretch marks are generally found on the belly, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs and outer thighs. Having dry skin for the duration of the pregnancy will lead to more severe stretch marks. It is important that you constantly moisten your skin with pregnancy stretch mark cream from the very beginning of your pregnancy to at least one year following birth. Some people think that stretch marks are a genetic disposition, but what is actually genetic is skin type. Dry skin needs more attention.

Preventing stretch marks is much easier than it is to get rid of them. It is more important to apply the pregnancy stretch mark cream after you shower, at least once mid day, and most definitely before bed. More cream should be used if you have the time and if your skin is dryer than normal. For the bare minimum use at least twice a day. Rub the cream in a circular direction as if you were massaging your skin. Cover all trouble areas and any additional dry skin.

You have to work hard to avoid stretch mark, but it is worth the effort. Don’t plan on taking care of them after the birth. Making stretch marks less visible is by far more difficult than preventing them. Damaged collagen will appear pink and over time it will fade to white. The first year after the development of stretch marks is the only window of time you have to use pregnancy stretch mark cream and after that you will have to look for a more drastic resolution like laser technology.

The more flexible and moist your skin is during pregnancy, the less likely collagen will be torn to form your ever growing body.

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