Why Stretch Mark Cream Is Right For You

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Stretch marks are a reminder of the incredible feat your body has just accomplished. Carrying a for nine months is no small task and your body does an amazing job of expanding and contracting as needed. Unfortunately, that expansion and contraction can leave some residual in the form of stretch marks. Some don’t develop any, some only have a few and other women have them everywhere. Stretch marks are not pretty and can make a less comfortable in her own . There are ways to get your body ready for the elasticity required and help prevent some of the damage that can occur, but even if you do end up with some stretch marks, remember they are a badge of honor earned by growing a human.

Stretch marks are commonly found on the stomach, buttocks, breasts, inner thighs, and outer thighs. Having dry skin during can create more severe stretch marks. To avoid stretch marks during and , it’s crucial to apply a -safe moisturizing cream regularly for a year after giving birth. Some think that stretch marks are a genetic disposition, but what is actually genetic is skin type. Dry skin needs more attention.

Preventing stretch marks is important and easier than it is to get rid of them. Apply pregnancy stretch mark cream after you shower, at least once midday, and most definitely before bed. If you have the time, use more cream, especially if your skin is dry. Rub the cream in a circular direction as if you were massaging your skin. Apply the moisturizer to all areas of concern, making sure to cover any dry patches.

It is important to take measures to prevent stretch marks, as they can be difficult to fix once they occur. The best time to use a pregnancy stretch mark cream is in the first year after the of stretch marks, as damage to collagen will appear pink and over time it will fade to white. After the first year, you may have to look for a more drastic resolution like laser technology.

If your skin is more flexible and moist during pregnancy, it is less likely that collagen will be torn to form your ever-growing body. This is because collagen is a protein that helps to keep your skin elastic.

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