Why Should You Exercise During Pregnancy

While people used to think pregnant women should rest constantly, take it easy and just relax, you’ll find now that a personal fitness routine is actually recommended by a number of doctors and mid-wives. You’ll find that there are many reasons why you should consider doing exercise during pregnancy. Not only will it help you feel good about yourself, it also has a number of other benefits including:

(a) Stress relief
(b) Less fat gain
(c) Strengthens muscles
(d) Improves posture
(e) Minimizes back pain
(f) May improve your labor
(g) Combats fatigue
(h) Helps you to return to your normal weight quicker

One of the main reasons that many pregnant women like to do exercise is because it makes them feel good. Mild exercises can help to alleviate symptoms such as backache, which is common in most pregnancies from the start and normally gets worse. Establishing a mild fitness routine not only helps you to keep away the build up of unnecessary fat, it also promotes good posture. Gentle fitness routines that tone legs, and back cause less pain and less strain during pregnancy.

Exercise can make anybody feel good, even pregnant women. A lot of people who exercise can get to experience the benefits, why should pregnant women be any different?

A number of studies have reported that exercise during pregnancy will actually help increase the chances of an easy labor, quick delivery and a fast recovery for those who take part. You should consult your doctor before choosing to undertake any type of physical activity while pregnant, though. For some, it can actually do more harm than good so you need to make sure that the doctor thinks it is okay before you to go ahead and start doing exercise during pregnancy. When you have been given the all-clear by your doctor, it is time to consider the types of exercise that will be beneficial to you.

What type of exercise can you do while pregnant?

While it may be obvious that extremely strenuous physical activity is not possible, this does not mean you can’t exercise during pregnancy effectively. Several exercises that pregnant women can do include some of the following:

(1) Walking
(2) Swimming
(3) Yoga
(4) Dancing
(5) Exercise Bikes
(6) Pilates
(7) Stretching
(8) Prenatal Aerobics

It depends on individual circumstances and the stage of pregnancy as to which type of exercise will be most beneficial to you personally. Walking and stretching are two exercises that most women can enjoy as part of a healthy fitness regime while pregnant, even during the third trimester. Prenatal aerobics is a type of exercise that has been specifically designed to suit those who are pregnant.

What precautions should you take if you exercise while pregnant?

Try to avoid any activity that puts a lot of stress on your joints. Hormones associated with pregnancy cause ligaments and tendons in your body to stretch and soften which increases the risk of injury if you exercise aggressively during pregnancy. By all means, exercise during pregnancy but remember that you still need to take it easy sometimes!

When exercising during pregnancy, make sure that you do not allow your body to overheat as this can cause problems with development. Exercise in somewhere that has air conditioning running and drink a lot of water to both hydrate you and help your body temperature stay reasonable.

If you’re going to exercise during pregnancy, make sure that you are also eating the right type of foods to keep both you and your baby at your healthiest. Low blood sugar can cause weakness and dizziness so make sure that when exercising you eat a lot of healthy snacks to avoid any adverse effects.

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