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is very important for a , thus it should be detected as early as possible. There are some common and early signs of pregnancy are those health conditions, which are very similar to some other kind of sicknesses. The early signs of pregnancy can be different in different people. The first and most important sigh is a missed periods. The women who are will have an irregular cycle of menstruation. She can also have a late arrival of the cycle. It can also result in a sudden or gain. The may also have a light or heavy bleeding from the vagina. She may also a change in the breasts, they can suddenly become sensitive and a swelling may occur. She will also have a frequent occurrence of urination. According to the medical experts this happen due to the expansion of the uterus and thus a pressure on the urinary bladder. The pregnant woman will also face . It is another well-known symptom of pregnancy. This happens when the passes very slowly inside the intestines. The woman will also face headaches, mood swings and fatigue.

The woman who is pregnant will have a feeling that she is pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy will also result in a change in the libido. She will have stretch marks and some in the skin surface. The breasts gradually will be swollen. She will also have an enlargement in the abdominal area. A pregnant woman will always have frequent changes in her mood, nature and food habits. She will also have food cravings. The medical experts say that the woman who has successfully conceived will have dark skin around the nipple. The increased level of hormone progesterone will lead to a feeling of exhausted and tired. As the ovulation passes through eight days, the woman may have an implant blemishes, it can also be a slight stain of brown and pink color. The condition occurs as the egg hole in side the endometrial lining. The woman can also see spotting in the of periods. In a condition when the embryo inserts and starts the production of the hormone named as HCH or chorionic gonadotropin. This can lead to a feeling of a frequent urination. A pregnant woman will also with a morning sickness. She can also have nausea in the time of morning, noon and at night. The condition of heartburn and constipation as the uterus starts swelling and thus, it pushes the stomach and other organs. The hormone level also starts increasing and thus it affects the digestion system and the functions of the bowl system. It can lead to a constipation and other results of unmanaged bowl system.

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