Beginning Exercise After Pregnancy

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There are plenty of rumors circulating around about all the limitations we should place on ourselves after giving birth. The truth is, if you’ve been following all the proper guidelines, then very little should change in your routine after pregnancy: diet after pregnancy, exercise after pregnancy, etc. — should all be the same as before. Years ago, pregnant women were told to take it easy when they were pregnant. Nowadays, we all know that while it’s necessary to keep your baby’s health in mind at all times; you can work, eat and go about your daily activities as if you aren’t pregnant at all (E.g., the theory of eating for two is well-known to be an old wives tale and it’s recommended to eat healthy while not over-eating).

When you start to exercise after pregnancy, start out as you would start any exercise program: Take your time and let your body adapt to the exercises. The only thing you want to be wary of is tearing any stitches you may have from giving birth. If you had a C section birth make sure you don’t put too much strain on your abdomen, as these stitches will break really quickly if you go too heavy on weight training routines, or exert too much force during aerobic exercises.
Riding a stationary bike and focusing on really low-weight, low-strain activities are best while you heal. If you can, set aside a daily time to exercise after pregnancy, so you can get some time to yourself, away from baby to help alleviate the stress that comes from having your baby rely on you for everything. This may not be possible for all parents, but burning calories is a great way to keep your emotional health in check, while melting away any excess weight the pregnancy has left behind.

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