Chinese Calendar And The Ancient Art Of Determining Sex

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Parents-to-be often want to know the gender of their before they’re born. There are a few ways this can be done, but one popular method is through the use of a Chinese . This calendar uses the ’s age and month of to predict whether the baby will be a boy or girl.

The Chinese calendar has been in use since ancient times. It was used to determine the likelihood of a child being born male or female. Later, it was also known as the Chinese conception chart or calendar. Many people believe that this ancient method is accurate, but clinical studies have not been able to verify these claims.

The Chinese pregnancy calendar is a mystery that’s been around for centuries. The ancient scientist who developed the chart believed that it could accurately predict a child’s , on two variables: the month of conception and the mother’s age. While there’s no scientific proof that the calendar is accurate, many people still swear by it!

The Chinese people have always believed in the accuracy of the Chinese Chart. The original chart is kept in a tomb near Peking, China. If you’re ever in Beijing, you can catch a glimpse of the original chart on display at the Beijing Institute of Science.

Several studies have shown that the Chinese lunar calendar is around 97% accurate when it comes to predicting gender. This accuracy is largely due to the fact that the pregnancy calendar is highly dependent on the lunar calendar. The prediction is based on the month the baby is conceived, as well as the mother’s age. Nine months are added to her age in order to adjust for the lunar calendar.

The month the baby is conceived is listed at the of the calendar, from January to December. The mother’s age when she conceives is listed in the left-hand column.

To determine the sex of your unborn baby, follow these steps: make a note of the mother’s age at conception, and add 9 months to adjust for the calendar; also note down the month of conception. Once you have all that information, find the conceived month on the top row of the Chinese Gender Chart, and locate the age on the left end of the chart.

The simple – but tricky – part is to follow both lines to the point where they intersect. If they intersect at ‘B’, it means it’s a boy; if they intersect at ‘G’, it means it’s a girl.

There’s an easy way to determine the sex of your baby during pregnancy, and that’s by using modern such as ultrasound. Ultrasound can determine the sex of a child during the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, and it’s considered more reliable than following the ancient Chinese pregnancy chart. However, if you can’t wait until the seventh or eighth week, then the Chinese calendar should be a big .

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