Is It Safe To Travel During Pregnancy

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Travelling during pregnancy can be critical proposition no matter what the medium you are using whether by train, car or airplane. But it does not mean that you are not allowed to travel if you are pregnant, you can enjoy your trip by just following some simple precautions and smart preparation. So if you are planning to make a trip, get ready to learn how to stay comfortable and what are dos and donts while travelling during pregnancy.

Basically travelling while pregnant is safe or not depends on several factors such as how far are you in pregnancy and your health etc. Many women find their second trimester is the easiest time to travel because at this time they have higher energy level and morning sickness is also less. Here are some helpful steps for pregnant women that they should follow before hitting the road during pregnancy:

Before making plan to travel, consult your health care provider about your health concerns or issues or whether you are okay to travel at this time.

In case you are coping with high risk pregnancy, it needs extra TLC which may make your travel impossible.

Consider your prenatal test before planning trip and consult your doctor when it need to schedule. Tests like chorionic villus sampling, amniocentesis, multiple maker screening, ultrasound, glucose screening test, group B strep screening and etc.

Before leaving home, make a list of important contact numbers that you would need in case of emergency. Its advisable to keep a copy of your prenatal chart with you at all times during travelling that helps any other health care provider to treat you well in emergency.

Be sure to take all necessary medications with you like prenatal supplements and other remedies that you may need while travelling. If you are going to the place where prescribed medications are not readily available, its good to keep them with their original wrapper.

Check your health care insurance policy as whether it covers pregnancy complications or not, especially when you are travelling to abroad. If it is not, you can purchase additional one for the same.

Dont forget to take contact number of airline that you will be using to take flight for confirmation the right time of flight or might be you need to reschedule the flight due to some issues.

Check your airline policies because some are not allowing pregnant women to travel in their last and third trimester due to the risk of premature labour.

Follow these simple steps and plan your trip at least two months before will definitely help you. Avoid non stop shopping, adventurous activities, and lengthy sightseeing activities, although all these are your part of your trip, but this time you are pregnant and your first preference should be your baby and your health as well.


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