Kiwi Fruit Benefits During Pregnancy and Beyond

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The health of an unborn child begins with you, the mother. Whether your baby is born naturally or by cesarean section it can be healthy and free of bacterial contamination as long as you are too. Because of the ever increasing pollution in our environment baby bacteria are declining and dangerous drug resistant bacteria are increasing. Both you and your baby need the protection of all the friendly bacteria you can get. So, what’s the best way to increase this good bacteria, also known as probiotics inside your gut?

There is a constant battle going on inside your gut every minute of everyday. The war is between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria. Strength is in numbers and the good news is that you can control them and add more to the good team. Quite simply put, adding more good bacteria (probiotics) to your digestive system will keep the bad guys at bay- making you a healthier person.
Up till recently many health conscious people were taking probiotic supplements in hopes of getting better digestive health benefits but the jury is in and studies have shown that those probiotic supplements have been disappointing underachievers. What the studies have shown is that for these supplements to do their job they need to be feed and supported with prebiotics.

Prebiotics can be found in many foods but none quite as nutriently potent and perfect as the kiwifruit. When consuming all the nutrients of a kiwifruit, skin and all, you get many vitamins, minerals, and the prebiotic goodness of dietary fibers, energy giving enzymes, and phenolic compounds which help grow good bacteria. This little fruit is more nutrient rich than other fruits, maybe because it grows on a vine and not a tree? But what is known is that the soft, dark seeds inside it are full of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids as well.

It’s a centuries old fact that a healthy mother will usually deliver a healthy baby. A health conscious mother will pay special attention to her diet, get exercise, not smoke and drink. Pregnant woman as well as nursing mothers and babies can benefit from natural, good quality probiotic and prebiotic supplements.

Whether you take a probiotic supplement or not, probiotics are already in your system. Adding prebiotics will feed them and make them multiply. You can eat prebiotic rich foods such as fruits, vegetables and grain products. To supplement this you can get a prebiotic supplement that is made from kiwifruit which would give you more of it’s nutritional value than just eating the fruit, unless you ate the skin as well, which is were a lot of the dietary fiber and enzymes are found.


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