Low Back Pain During Pregnancy – It Happens

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Lower back pain during pregnancy is inevitable. Most women experience it at some stage or another during their pregnancy, so its even more important that that proper attention is given to the changes that a pregnant woman feels. Once the cause of the pain is understood, it can make it less stressful and easier to deal with as simply knowing the what and why will help to alleviate many of the stresses and enable the pregnancy to be enjoyed worry free.


Pregnant women usually suffer from lower back pain because the hormone called Progesterone, which is responsible for the implantation of the embryo and gestation. This leads to the softening of the ligament and disks of the back. This then gives way to the reduction of the support that the upper body needs; thus resulting in cramping of the muscles in your lower back.

Another hormone that causes lower back pain is Relaxin. This hormone helps on the labor and delivery of the woman. This hormone relaxes the pelvis joints as to let the baby pass through the birth canal with sufficient space. Yet, Relaxin may cause the other joints to inflame and ache, which causes the joints in the body not to function properly.

Weight is another factor in lower back pain in pregnant women. Extra pounds will be added because of the baby that you are carrying inside you, the added water, and other nutrients that the baby needs to develop properly. As your weight increases, you will then try to balance yourself, which causes a great pressure towards the spine. This then causes the spine to become weak.

NOTE: Always remember that you need to seek proper medical guidance to determine cause of pain and most appropriate treatment methods for you


Avoid standing for a long time. If, in case, there are circumstances that you need to stand for long hours, find something like a box that will take some of the strain through having a foot elevated on it.
Practice proper posture upon standing.
Perform daily exercises that are suitable for pregnant women. Pelvic tilt is one of the exercises that many suggest. Walking is also fine.
While sitting, place a pillow behind your back.
During the night, do not forget to place a pillow between your legs. The mattress you sleep on should be comfortable and firm enough to support your back properly. (Doesnt necessarily mean you need a super firm mattress)
You might want to use maternity pillows. These pillows are specifically used to lessen the strain on your back.
Only wear flat foot wears as not to lose balance and not to exert too much pressure on your back.
Dont act like superwoman! Do not lift heavy things. This will trigger the spine, which might cause more pain.
If you are to do any lifting then always remember to bed your legs rather than bending your back.
Apply warm compress to areas of back where the pain is felt in order to obtain some relief from the pain.
Take it easy! Im not saying stop and dont do anything, Im saying dont engage in too many activities that may add further burden and stress to the lower back pain you already feel.

Pregnancy is one of the greatest gifts in life that women get to experience so it should be an enjoyable one and lower back pain should not stop the many great memories that can be created during this special time.

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