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Foremost, it just makes sense to get a massage during . Massage therapy is appropriate for tight muscles that are in partial spasm and are producing aching (or sometimes sharp) pain. Stiffness is often as well. What pregnant woman doesn’t experience this at some point? The muscles are fatigued from harder while carrying more weight in increasingly awkward positions. And if you have a history of musculoskeletal pain before becoming pregnant, you are more likely to have it during those 9 months.

Now for the first thing you probably didn’t know:

Massage therapy could potentially be covered under your insurance policy, however it depends on a few things. Most importantly, whether your insurance company considers it a “covered benefit.” Another factor is whether the massage therapist you see is considered a participating provider for your specific health insurance company.

When receiving a massage during , you will likely be positioned on your side with the of some cozy pillows. This is done in order to best support both you and your during the massage.

Considering all the benefits that come from massage therapy, it’s definitely worth looking into scheduling an appointment with a local massage therapist while pregnant. Not only can it help alleviate some of the discomforts that come along with pregnancy, but regular massages can also help improve your circulation and promote better .

Massage is an excellent way to relieve pain and stiffness. Massage therapy is a natural healthcare method which can relieve the effects of stress and promote relaxation. Not only does massage make life easier during daily , but it can also:

1) Prenatal is a form of exercise that helps to tone the muscles in the pelvis. This can lead to an easier pregnancy and birth.
2)Decreases tension in the muscles that support the uterus, which can cause problems like an abnormal fetal position at birth. This is especially important if you feel pulling or straining in the abdomen while stretching.
3) Reduces the need for medical intervention with drugs and surgery.

You may not know that:

Chiropractic care using the Activator Method is a great complement to prenatal massage. Activator Method combined with massage can help relieve muscle tension.

The Activator Method is a type of chiropractic care that uses a hand-held device to deliver controlled, fast thrusts. This is an alternative to traditional methods like cracking, popping, and twisting, which some patients find uncomfortable.

Dr. Jeanne Ohm presented research at the American College of Nurse Midwives annual meeting in Boston, May 2008 that indicated that chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe, with the only complications being slight soreness after the first in a handful of patients which resolved itself by the second visit.

Here are some recommended action steps if you want to receive massage and/or Activator Method chiropractic care while pregnant:

1) Get a recommendation from your OB/GYN or midwife.
2) Research practitioners in your area who have experience working with pregnant .
3) Schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your specific needs and goals.

Massage therapy has been shown to provide many benefits for pregnant women. When combined with Activator Method chiropractic care, it can be an even more powerful tool for making pregnancy and delivery safer and easier.

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