September 29, 2022

Can Fibroids Cause Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy

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If you are thinking about having a family and are already aware that you have fibroids, then well done for being ahead of the game. You are probably then asking the question “Can fibroids cause miscarriage”? Many women are completely unaware that they have fibroids and it is often only after suffering from various non-specific pregnancy related problems that they come to realise that they do have these benign growths in the womb.

In many cases, fibroids can be innocent bystanders during pregnancy and they do not affect conception or the pregnancy itself. However, for many women this is not the case at all and becoming pregnant can be problematic and the pregnancy can be fraught with problems.

Being forewarned is forearmed, so knowing that you have fibroids means you can be proactive and do something about them-hopefully prior to becoming pregnant. This means that you can minimize any possible impact and if you choose to use a non-invasive method to deal with your fibroids, you will not have the recovery time to deal with following surgery nor the possibility of scarring in the uterus which, in itself, can affect conception.

Can Fibroids Cause Miscarriage?

A large number of miscarriages happen early in pregnancy before the woman even knows she is pregnant. Fibroids can sometimes be responsible for miscarriages if the ovum chooses to implant around the area of a submucosal fibroids, which can distort the uterine cavity. Scarring from fibroid surgery is also sometimes thought to be responsible. Indeed, rather than just causing miscarriages, fibroids are thought to be the occasional cause of “unexplained infertility”.

Problems Of Fibroids During Pregnancy

Fibroids are unpredictable during pregnancy. Sometimes they enlarge in response to the increase in hormones, sometimes they remain the same. Fibroids can cause severe discomfort during pregnancy as the baby grows. Delivery can also be affected, particularly if the fibroid is located near the entrance of the cervix. Fibroids can also be responsible for pre-term labor, but fortunately this is late enough not to adversely affect the baby.

What Can I Do To Prevent Problems?

If you are worried and asking yourself the question, “Can fibroids cause miscarriage?” then the best step you can take is to take action before you try to become pregnant. There are some excellent natural strategies which can give fast help to shrink your fibroids, thereby minimizing the impact.

If you would like to see further details about the impact of fibroids on pregnancy, you may like to visit my website, Fibroids and Pregnancy. Here you can find further information about a tried and tested system to help women to shrink fibroids.


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