January 24, 2022

Pregnancy Myths and if they’re Real

Getting pregnant is one of the most exciting and terrifying experience a woman can ever go through. There are so many changes that happen over the next few months and by the 9thmonth, she’ll be welcoming a child. Pregnancy has a lot of legends that might interest future mothers. Here are a few and if they are real or not.

Contraceptives are 100% effective

It depends. Having safe sex can surely help you avoid an unplanned pregnancy. But not all contraceptives are 100% fool proof. Even condoms have a 2% chance of breaking when having intercourse, so choose which contraceptive works the best for you.

No to flu shots

Many say that vaccination can cause your baby to grow abnormalities and might even cause complications during his or her development. However, vaccinations are actually very important when you’re expecting. Flu shots don’t contain anything that could possibly harm your baby, and you want to stay as healthy as you can while being pregnant.

Table for two

Since you have a tiny human being inside you, you’d expect that you’ll be eating for two people. Yes, your appetite will grow while you’re pregnant, but this doesn’t mean that you should also have two servings of everything. Controlling your weight while you’re pregnant might sound impossible, but you

No to the salon

You can’t dye your hair if you’re pregnant. Or else, the chemicals in the hair dye will enter your roots, pass through your system and harm your baby. The truth is, there is not fatal risk in dying your hair while you’re pregnant. Although a small amount of the chemicals are actually absorbed into the skin, it shouldn’t be enough to harm the baby.

No coffee

Coffee apparently can cause pre-mature labor. So if you don’t want your baby to be born earlier than expected, don’t drink coffee. But there is no correlation between caffeine consumption and premature labor, and many pregnant women still do drink their habitual cup of coffee during the mornings. Caffeine is safe during pregnancy, so enjoy your morning brew.

No sex during pregnancy

Some couples still do have sex even if the woman is pregnant. It’s best to stay safe, have safe sex, use lubrication and don’t get too rough. Regular sex is not advisable and the bigger the baby gets, the less sex you should have for both the mother’s and baby’s safety.

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