Conceiving Pregnancy With Spiritual Ease

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Many mothers-to-be have a lot of emotional, mental, and spiritual issues about pregnancy. Conceiving can be a long, drawn-out process for those who are experiencing fertility problems, and this process is often more frustrating than it is rewarding. Knowing that you are trying to conceive and having difficulty doing so opens the floodgates for many conscious and sub-conscious thoughts. These emotional and mental pressures can be just as taxing as physical pressure. And while getting infertility tests, reading advice from the Internet, and learning about other couples experiences with assisted reproductive technologies can be helpful, they often serve as emotional and mental blocks to conceiving.

If you find you are becoming overwhelmed with stress trying to get pregnant, sometimes it helps to take a time out and devote more of your energy into taking care of yourself. Worrying about why youre not pregnant yet will only cause undue stress to your body, which has a negative impact on fertility. On the other hand, a calm mind filled with positive thoughts and love will promote a healthy, nurturing, and fertile body. Here are some ways you can conceive with greater spiritual ease.

Manage the Conception Blues

Its important that you acknowledge your negative emotions so that they dont fester inside you. Spend a few minutes throwing a pity party for yourself, then stop. Emerge out of your cocoon of self-pity by focusing your attention on everything thats good in your life your career, your partner, your family, etc. Allow yourself to feel disappointment, but only for a little while, and don’t let it consume you.

Find Strength From Above When Trying to Get Pregnant

Even if you arent religious, it helps to find a higher power you can turn to or establish some spiritual grounding. Traditions, rituals, and sympathetic listening can provide you with a sense of peace and belonging amidst the frustration of trying to conceive. Fill your life with spiritual meaning.

Prepare Your Heart for New Life

Youre probably taking vitamins and eating right to prepare your body to become a mother. Dont forget to prepare your heart as well. Open yourself up and be receptive to love from others in your world your partner, friends, parents, support group, etc. Imagine your body absorbing all this energy and picture this energy wrapped around your ovaries as a shimmering blanket of warm light. Let the support you receive from others inspire and strengthen you to keep on trying. Fill your life with love.

Reduce Stress to Nourish Fertility

Every once in a while, reward yourself for your perseverance by treating yourself to a small luxury. Enjoy your favorite guilty comfort food every now and then, get a massage, or go on a weekend trip or vacation with your partner. Take yourself away from the stress of trying to conceive and just relax.

It’s Not Always Easy to Conceive: Be Gentle With Yourself

The root of all your frustrations might be the unrealistic expectations you set up for yourself. Start making it a habit to release these expectations. Attempting pregnancy, over the long term, is no walk in the park, so take it easy on yourself. No one is going to give you an F or fire you from your job if you cant get pregnant right away. If your next pregnancy test is still a negative, take a deep breath and acknowledge you disappointment but dont beat yourself up! Let your negative feelings go and move on to trying again. Remember, this isnt your last shot at getting pregnant you have plenty of opportunities. You are doing everything you can. Be kind to yourself during this tough time.

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