Is Pregnancy and Menopause Possible

Have you started menopause? Perhaps you`ve been suffering from hot flashes, excessive wind and bloating for quite a while. How do you think this affects your fertility?

If you are under the assumption that you are now infertile and that it is impossible to become pregnant during menopause – you`re wrong.

On the other hand, if you believe that fertility does indeed decrease as we progress through menopause but that however unlikely, menopausal pregnancy is possible – you`re spot on.

Unfortunately, many women believe that menopause is a process that has a start and a finish and on the day that the first symptoms appear, her childbearing days are over. But, that is simply not true and our menopausal term can last for ten years or more. Usually beginning in our early fifties – although there are women who experience premature menopause many years prior to their 50th birthday – as long as there is still a monthly period, a woman can theoretically become pregnant. All that the symptoms mean is that our hormone levels are becoming unbalanced, but this does not mean that we are unable to conceive.

If you`re wondering how pregnancy can possibly occur at the same time as menopause, it`s because eggs are still being released and, providing there is an adequate supply of the necessary hormones such as estrogen, the lady in question can indeed become pregnant. Quite often, the signs of early pregnancy have been confused with menopausal symptoms. After all, when you`re in your 50`s and experience bloating, weight gain and erratic periods, the chances of it being due to menopause are a lot higher than the chances that you are pregnant.

Now apart from the emotional and psychological challenges that a menopausal pregnancy would inevitably bring to the table, the physical risks cannot be ignored. Pregnancy puts an enormous amount of strain on the body and medical research has shown that with every passing year over the age of forty, the risk of complications increases.

Possible health considerations are:

* An increased risk of infection
* Higher chances of suffering a miscarriage
* Possible bleeding
* plus several other potentially dangerous medical conditions.

Of course there will always be some older ladies who would love the chance to become pregnant – whatever her age. Perhaps she is with a new partner or maybe she feels that she would like to extend her family. Whatever the reason, every good wish to those ladies.

But for most women who are about to start menopause or already going through it, a late addition to the family would not be the most welcome news.

Menopause often signals the time that women and their partners have brought up their families and are looking forward to spending quality time together.

If you would not welcome the idea of a newborn baby to your family, it is advised that you continue with your birth control until there has been no sign of blood for twelve consecutive months. After this time, it is safe to discontinue the birth control. There is now no chance of becoming pregnant naturally.

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