Pregnancy Statistics And Adiana Sterilization

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Pregnancy statistics and Adiana sterilization shouldn’t seem like they have a lot in common. The way these two are related, however, is by sterilization reversal surgery. Women who have had tubal ligation or Essure or Adiana sterilization may change their minds and decide to have another pregnancy. That’s where the pregnancy statistics come in. What are the chances of becoming pregnant?

First off, let’s address the possibility that you didn’t know Essure or Adiana sterilization could be reversed. It can be. In fact, the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center announced the first week of October 2009, that they had done an Adiana reversal in February 2009. It is the first known Adiana reversal which may not be surprising as the sterilization system was not approved by the FDA for general use until July 2009. The woman involved in the February reversal was a patient in the pre-approval trials.

The Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center has also done a few Essure reversals. Essure, too, is a relatively new birth control method only being approved by the FDA in 2002. This means that women have only in the last couple years started changing their minds about that form of birth control as well. So, now you know these so-called permanent methods can be reversed as well.

Going back to our pregnancy statistics and why is it important to know such a study has been done on tubal reversal surgery. If a woman does change her mind after tubal ligation, she is usually told there is no way to reverse the surgery. It’s permanent. It takes her own research many times to learn differently. Even many doctors believe it can’t be done or if a reversal is attempted, it has an abysmally low rate of success.

That is why this pregnancy statistics study is important. Now, readily available on the Internet, a woman or her doctor can review the results of data collected on over 5000 women over almost a decade. You can learn first hand just how tubal reversal compares to IVF which is the alternative given to most women seeking another pregnancy. You can see for yourself just how much better tubal reversal is also knowing that as time goes on, tubal reversal surgery gives you more and more chances to become pregnant for the same price. In fact, the Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center receives testimonials quite often from women announcing their second or third pregnancy after tubal reversal.

To end things on a positive note, I’m announcing that the woman who had the Adiana reversal sent in her pregnancy report 9 October 2009. This is what the CHTRC patients do when they become pregnant letting the staff know the good news. That is good news for any woman thinking about a tubal reversal as well and another positive pregnancy statistics.

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