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Exercise during is very important for both mom and baby. It helps ease the pains of , and it gives the unborn child a healthy start to life. Exercise during pregnancy helps you cope with your growing emotions as you go through the experience of bringing another little one into the !

Below we will be listing and discussing some tips for an effective pregnancy exercise program. We’ll also let you know where you can find free information about popular pregnancy exercise DVDs.

Avoid Rigorous Workouts: Highly Recommended

While it’s good to stay away from intense rigorous workouts during pregnancy, this doesn’t mean you should start slacking off! While it’s important to not overdo it, aerobic exercise like walking or swimming will do more good than harm. Just make sure you avoid heavy lifts that actually take your breath away which can lead to dizziness, change in according to the side of your growing baby and could potentially put great strain on your muscles and ligaments with risk of injury!

Walking, is one of the best exercises you can do.


Moderate workouts are great for who are pregnant. This form of exercise helps prevent and morning sickness, two common symptoms of pregnancy. With moderate workouts comes a healthier you too! A popular fitness trainer named Tracy Anderson, author of various pregnancy workout DVDs, states the of during pregnancy in order to have a smooth early years of motherhood ahead.

Tons Of Myths

Research has shown that , and lack of physical activity can have a negative effect during pregnancy, while proper care and exercise during this time can actually be pretty beneficial! A lot of pregnant women are under the impression that it’s unsafe to do certain exercises while pregnant. The truth is that inactivity, and a poor diet can affect your negatively and cause many problems!

It is always smart to do some physical activity and exercise during pregnancy as long as your doctor or midwife has told you that it’s okay for you. You need to keep yourself in good shape for the whole period! Most doctors have some basic exercises which you can practice at home, but if there are any then they might ask you to stop any type of intense training.

You’re going to want to make sure you’re consulting a doctor or physical therapist about your workouts as your pregnancy moves on. Some exercises that are beneficial in the first trimester can be unhealthy towards the end of it and others will cause you harm during more than one point in time. It’s good to check with someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes down to for not just yourself but also the little one growing inside you!

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