Treating Hemorrhoids During

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Women are more easily to develop hemorrhoids . It is in their first trimester that hemorrhoids in usually develops but there are some mothers that get them while in especially at the phase of pushing the baby out.

The good news about and hemorrhoids is that the hemorrhoids pregnancy produces will disappear after giving birth. But this does not mean that the hemorrhoid pregnancy produces should not be treated, especially during one of the more uncomfortable phases in a woman’s life and especially so for bleeding hemorrhoids pregnancy might produce.

What ever may be the decision you make in treating your hemorrhoids during pregnancy, the most important thing that you should keep in mind is to avoid any form of treatment or medication that may be harmful to yourself or your baby and the way to effectively treat hemorrhoids pregnancy produces is by practising natural hemorrhoids treatment and a proper hemorrhoids home . This is not something difficult to do as you will soon see, involving mainly a slight change in your and a slight adjustment to how you go about your day to day activities. Nothing too drastic and nothing too difficult.

Hemorrhoids diet during pregnancy
Pregnant women who develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy should consume food that are easy to digest and moves quickly through the digestive system. Not practicing this basic rule will result in constipation which will further aggravate the hemorrhoids pregnancy produced and may even cause new hemorrhoids to form. They key to a successful hemorrhoids diet is fiber, which helps soften the stool and encourages good bowel movement. Below, I will provide a list of some of the food which will help to relieve hemorrhoids somewhat and help reduce bleeding hemorrhoids pregnancy may sometimes cause:

Dark green leafy vegetables: These are an excellent source of fiber vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay , such as vitamins A, C, and K, folate, iron and calcium.

Flax seeds: These are high in fiber and a great source for 3-omega oils and are high in fiber.

Lima and butter beans: These are high in iron, the basic ingredient in building blood cells.

Blackstrap molasses: An excellent source of calcium, iron, copper, manganese, potassium and magnesium in a low fat, low calorie form. Blackstrap molasses are known to be successful in treating external wounds and because molasses is high in iron, nutritionists often recommend it to pregnant and lactating women.

Sweet potatoes: These provide pregnant mothers with the proper nutrients they need to strengthen their blood vessels and boost immunity.

Onion, ginger and garlic: These contain nutrients that fight excessive fibrin in the body, which causes blood congestion and inflammation.

These are some of the food items that should be included in your diet when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The food that you should avoid as much as possible are all items that cause constipation, which will in turn worsen hemorrhoids during pregnancy. The food that you should reduce on or avoid include any item that contains animal products, coffee, red meat, rice, alcohol, bad fats.

Hemorrhoids home care during pregnancy.
Medication should be avoided when treating hemorrhoids during pregnancy unless specifically prescribed by a licensed physician. The good news is that hemorrhoids pregnancy produces will go away after , so your efforts should be not on finding a cure but on reducing the discomfort you may be experiencing now. Here are some excellent hemorrhoids home care treatments that you could do.

Sitz baths: Just like its name implies, a Sitz Bath is where you sit in a tub of warm water hip high for 15 two or three times daily.

Ice packs: The helps to immediately reduce the pain and swelling temporarily.

Pomegranade juice compresses: Good for external hemorrhoids this should be applied on the anus area, bringing quick relief of hemorrhoid symptoms.

Mixed berry juice: Drinking mixed berry juice each day works wonder for hemorrhoids during pregnancy and is a perfect solution for eliminating hemorrhoids in pregnant women.

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