Weeks Pregnant – Using EFT For Discomforts

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The average woman is around 30 weeks, which is when many women start to feel heavy, tired, and even quite clumsy. This is because most developing babies are typically about 15 inches long and weigh about as much as a head of cabbage (3 pounds or so) at 30 weeks gestation. Pregnant women carry around 1.5 pints of amniotic fluid which can affect their balance. This explains why many women start feeling clumsy during this .

EFT is a simple and effective way to address a variety of issues . By tapping on specific pressure points on the face, torso and hands, you can help to release and tension stored in the body. Repeating positive words and phrases as you tap can help to focus your intention and create lasting change. EFT is a safe and easy to use tool that can help you to feel your during and beyond.

The most important step of EFT is identifying a very specific concern, emotion or issue to on. For example, if you’re feeling anxious, try to pinpoint the root cause of your anxiety. Once the symptom, fear or issue is identified clearly, it needs to be broken down into a 2-5 word phrase. This phrase is then inserted into the sentence and is stated three times while the first pressure point is stimulated.

Even though I have this pressure point, I deeply and completely love & accept myself. As the remainder of the pressure points are tapped, a shortened version of this phrase is repeated: “This pressure point.”

Before doing EFT for the first time, it is important to first familiarize oneself with the pressure points that will be used during the process. These points are to be tapped repeatedly, using two hands on the points which have two sides (such as the sides of your ) and one hand on single points (such as the point on your chin).

There are nine pressure points on the human body that can be used for self-defense. They are:

1. The middle of the outside edge of your hand (known as the “karate chop point”)
2. The top of the head
3. At the beginning of the eyebrow
4. Near the outside of the side of your eye, near the temple
5. Right underneath the eye where the eye socket begins
6. Directly under the nose
7. The center of the chin
8. Your knobby part of the beginning of the collarbone
9. About four finger lengths down from the armpit

If you are feeling off-balance, clumsy, or fatigued during your pregnancy, don’t worry! These are all common complaints in the 30th week. To address these issues, simply tap each one while repeating a positive affirmation. For example, if you are feeling off-balance, tap and say “Even though I feel off-balance, I completely and deeply love and accept myself.” Doing this with each issue will help you overcome any emotional hurdles you may be facing during your pregnancy.

“Even though I feel frustrated, embarrassed, and angry with my body right now, I know that it’s not my fault. I’m just sick and tired, and I hate feeling like I’m at the mercy of my changing hormones.”

Anger is a common emotion felt by many people. People can feel anger towards their significant other, friends, and family. The feeling of anger can be caused by many different things. Some people might feel anger because their family ridicules them or because their is insensitive. Whatever the reason may be, anger is a powerful emotion that can have a negative effect on a person’s life.

I have always wanted to be a mother, ever since I was a little girl. Now that I am older, and have had the chance to motherhood myself, I realize that it is not always easy. In fact, sometimes it is really hard. I am afraid that I will not be a good mother, that I will make the same mistakes my parents made. But even though I am afraid, I know that I can do it.

I am worried that EFT may not work for me. I don’t know if it will help me to cope with my current or make me feel better. I feel guilty that I should have started my family when I was younger. I have this guilt about not taking better care of my mother when she had cancer. I don’t know how to deal with these feelings by myself.

Before using EFT tap along, it’s important to find a phrase that feels Resonant for you. And don’t worry if the phrase you choose doesn’t perfectly describe your personal underlying issues. The main goal is to get started with EFT and to begin resolving the emotional ups and downs that may be causing pregnancy discomforts. EFT can’t instantly cure all cases, but it can almost always help resolve the underlying emotions causing the issues.

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