September 29, 2022

17 Week Pregnant- Your Weekly Guide of Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant then it is important to get acquainted with the developments of your fetus and body week by week. This not only gives you assistance in gauging his/her development but also prepares you for the changes you will observe in your body. Here is a weekly guide for 16 and 17 weeks of pregnancy.

16 weeks pregnant

At 16 weeks pregnant the baby would measure up to the size of 5 inches (head to buttocks) and weight of 3 ounces. At this stage the eyes and ears are properly placed over the head and they could move or hear the voices. The nails of the toe are also starting to develop associated with formation of lashes, hair and brows on the face. The heart is also developed to perform pumping of blood in the body. The baby as there is ample space also performs movements that could be felt by you.
At this stage your uterus has swelled from the pubic bone to the belly button. This is a blessed time for mother because the months old nausea is subsided along with the respite from mood alterations. The muscles and ligaments around the uterus will start strengthening to support further growth. This is also the week where you will notice a slight movement in belly which is caused due to somersaults of baby.

17 weeks pregnant

At this stage your baby is growing rapidly and measuring up to 9 inches from head to toe. The skeleton of his/her body which was a tender cartilage is getting developed into strong bone structure. The knee and other joints are properly developed and totally functional. The weight of your fetus will be around five ounces and is increasing rapidly. The sweat glands are getting formed under the thin and transparent skin.
The mother will feel a biggest change when she is 17 weeks pregnant; this is the change in center of gravity. This highly increases the chances of tripping or getting off balance at the time of standing or walking. You will also experience sty in the eye which is a condition where eyes become dry and uncomfortable. It is important to get lubricating drops for your eyes from specialist. It is also vital to keep your high heels in cupboard from now on as the shift in center of gravity could raise chances of trauma.
These two weeks mark phenomenal developments in the body of your fetus and yourself. Take care of your diet, exercise and body nourishment to support the growing baby.

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