Can You Believe Old Wives Tales In Pregnancy

You are pregnant. There are going to be a lot of changes to your body and in your day-to-day life over the next nine months.

But now is the time when every woman that has ever been pregnant will be more than willing to give you advice. Some of this advice will be good a lot more will be a little doubtful. Can you believe those old wives tales that are being bandied about?

Can You Really Predict Your Baby’s Sex?

There are several opinions about where and how the baby is lying. If you have a bulge that goes all the way round, you are definitely having a boy. And if the bulge is all at the front it’s going to be a girl.

If you are carrying the baby high in the womb it’s obviously going to be a boy. The opposite means it’s a girl

How about using a pendulum over your tummy; if it goes round clockwise it’s a boy and anti clockwise it’s a girl.

Whatever you believe you’re going to be at the worst fifty percent right.

Do You Really Need To Eat for Two?

You will put on weight while you are pregnant; an average of thirty five pounds in all. Some old wives tales encourage you to eat more because you are eating for two, this is not necessary. Instead of worrying about how much you are eating, better to take note of what you are eating. And if you should be left with a few extra pounds once the baby is born you will lose it again.

Is It Okay To Drink Alcohol While You Are Pregnant?

Some people believe that a little bit of wine can do no harm while you are pregnant, but you should bear in mind that when you drink alcohol it reaches the baby through your bloodstream. and as it is not known if your drinking alcohol affects the unborn child it may be better not to drink while carrying it.

If You Have Heartburn Are You Having A Monkey?

Some people do actually believe that if you have heartburn during pregnancy the baby will be born with a lot of hair. The majority of women have some heartburn during their pregnancy. But if the baby is born with a lot of hair it’s not because mum had heartburn.

Can Walking Make You Go Into Labour?

No walking cannot make you go into labour, but walking about during labour may make you feel more comfortable.

Should You Exercise While Pregnant?

If you are already in the habit of exercising, as long as it’s nothing too strenuous, check with your doctor if you can safely carry on while pregnant.

Drinking Lots of Milk While Being Pregnant Means You Will Produce Lots of Milk

Drinking lots of milk while pregnant is good for you and the unborn baby. It’s the Calcium in the milk that is great for the baby’s bones and teeth. But drinking lots of milk has nothing to do with how much milk you will produce once the baby has been born.

If You Crave Ice Cream Does It Mean You Need More Calcium?

Cravings for certain foods during pregnancy is normal but it’s not the body saying it needs something. Some women start eating coal, what does that mean? She’s hot stuff maybe.

Can Doing A Headstand After Lovemaking Help You To Conceive?

If you are having problems becoming pregnant, some people believe that doing a handstand after lovemaking will help you become pregnant, there is no truth in this. If you smoke – stop and improve your diet this may improve your chances of becoming pregnant.

No Need to Stop All Medication While Pregnant

As long as you know if the medication you are taking is safe for the baby, (your doctor can advise you) there is no need to stop taking them. Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements are good for you and the unborn baby.

In other words most Old Wives Tales can be quite safely ignored. If in doubt find out.
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