Pregnancy Issues – Three Harmless Home Remedies For Constipation

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Expecting women go through a lot of changes in their bodies. Aside from the developing fetus, they can also experience engorgement, morning sickness, sleeplessness, depression, food cravings, hemorrhoids and even constipation.

It is common for expecting women to experience constipation. Although, it is not lethal, it can be very distressing and annoying. It can bring pain to pregnant women. Then again, this condition is normal and there are ways to relieve its stressful symptoms.

Why Expectant Women Experience Constipation?

There are many reasons that explains the occurrence of constipation during pregnancy. A pregnant woman produces more progesterone, a female body hormone that maintains the capacity of the placenta. This female hormone also makes the intestinal muscles to relax. It slows down the process of elimination.

Furthermore, supplements prescribed to pregnant women to boost the immune system can affect elimination. Vitamins such as iron and calcium in the blood can in point of fact cause constipation.

Another reason why pregnant women constipate is the pressure of the developing fetus to the lower abdomen. This pressure is blocking feces resulting to constipation. Also, as the expectant mother increases in body weight they have a tendency to do less physical activities which can add up to this condition.

What They Can Do About It?

Unfortunately, constipation can last throughout the pregnancy. To avoid birth defects, pregnant women should not take any medications without consulting their respective doctors. Household remedies are recommended since these alternatives have less or no reported side effects.

Take Lots Of Water, Vegetables And Fruits

Water, vegetables and fruits can help cutback the irritation caused by constipation. Vegetables are high in fiber. Fibers can help cleanse the colon.

Also, increasing fluid intake can ensure proper waste eradication. It is absorbed by the colon, preventing feces to dry out. Without proper colon hydration, feces become dry and hard causing constipation. Additionally, water aids the flushing out of the feces. Aside from drinking plenty of water, it is recommended to eat fruits that contain fibers and water like melon and papaya.

Take Yogurt As A Fortifying Snack
Yogurt is a good source of protein, even more protein than milk. It is also a good source of calcium and fiber. Yogurt also contains lacto-bacteria that help in digesting food in the body system preventing constipation. Expectant women can also take foods that contain probiotics such as mi-so soups and pickles.

Regular Exercise

Expecting women are ambivalent to exercise as they thought that it can hurt the fetus inside them. Then again, exercise can also be done all through pregnancy. Although, the routines are less strenuous. Try simple exercises first like a daybreak walk or an afternoon stroll.

Some may say that it is all right for a pregnant to take over-the-counter laxatives for they are safe. But taking this type of treatment must be avoided and should be consulted first to their respective doctors to check that the drugs will do more good than harm. Instead of taking laxatives, it is better to take colon cleanser with natural ingredients to eradicate feces trapped inside the gastrointestinal track. This is safer and proven to have little or no side effects.

Truly, constipation is very common to all most especially to pregnant women. It is often not noxious. On the other hand, the symptoms of constipation can be very distressing and frustrating. To help ease the discomforts home remedies are the best options. They are effective and most of all safe. Just a safety reminder, always consult doctors or OB expert if unsure of any medications or home remedies.

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